Who We Are

Palm Villas’ history is rooted in a very personal story for the both of us. For years, Garry had worked in the physical therapy field in hospitals and nursing homes, assisting seniors with their immobility and rehabilitation.

During this period, our Aunt Gytia had fallen while walking in the park. Within six months, she was starting to forget who we were. She became physically debilitated and wheelchair-bound. We were very close to her. In fact, we were so close, we called her Grandma. We took care of her, until she passed away a few years later. Often times, when dementia starts to set in, it’s the spouse who becomes the primary caregiver.

The family ends up taking the brunt of the emotional and physical stress. They forget its their spouse they fell in love with or a close relative. A lot of that is lost when you become the caregiver.

…we became inspired to create a community where we could take that burden off of families…

From the experience of taking care of “Grandma” Gytia, we became inspired to create a community where we could take that burden

off of families, so they could go back to being just a loving family member. So Mike left his corporate job in the tech industry to join Garry in creating Palm Villas.

We wanted to provide these services in a family environment, so the families could call the owners directly, if they had any issues. This creates a family bond, and makes them feel like their loved one is at home.

We want to be able to provide support for our residents from the day they move in, and through the rest of their lives. As their needs change, we don’t want them to leave. Changing environments can be traumatic to someone who has dementia or needs a lot of assistance. That’s why we made Palm Villas a full-service community, capable of handling all stages of dementia, functional impairment or just high level of assisted living.

We are hands-on owners, with a well-trained staff that we’re proud to call “Family”. We are determined to create an environment that promotes our values: Family and friends, health, happiness, safety, exceptional personal care, and an active lifestyle with the highest quality of life for our seniors.

This is a community that “Grandma” Gytia would have been proud of.

– Garry and Michael Sneper