After what seemed like a never ending search for a perfect facility for Mom, we found Palm Villas. Our Mom had special requests and Gary agreed immediately saying “we can do that.” Our Mom had been living alone and would have a lot of adjustments. When she entered Palm Villas, she was an elderly frustrated woman just waiting for her life to end.

In less than 6 months, our Mom was a new person, enjoying life and looking forward to each new day. She appeared and felt ten years younger, all due to the loving care she received from the Palm Villas family.

A special thanks to Garry and Michael for helping to make the transition from the family home our mother lived in for over 60 years to her new home. We thank Lu for all the activities he provided which gave her many hours of joy and happiness.

The Harter Family

A few weeks ago, I was in the main dining room at Palm Villas. It was mealtime and I was feeding my Mom. There was laughter, a little banter at a couple of the tables, two of the residents were hugging. Every few moments an attentive staff person would come by and check on Robyn, bring another tasty treat and ask how we were getting along. Robyn was smiling in between bites. She was having a great day. The room felt charged with good energy. I remember looking around, taking it all in and thinking: “This is magic.”

We’ve had many magical moments at Palm Villas. Both Warren and I have a lot of experience with care facilities – skilled nursing, residential ‘’assisted” living, care homes, memory and dementia specialty facilities. Our fathers both had memory issues and most probably Alzheimer’s disease.

When we started to look for a place for Robyn, I was looking for an environment that was full of life, yet calm; a place that was clean and orderly, yet flexible, creative and adaptive. I wanted an environment where the staff would enjoy Robyn – and of course whom she would also enjoy and trust. Ultimately, I wanted my mom to have the best experience I could give her. We are so pleased with our experience at Palm Villas.

Elizabeth Wright(daughter of Robyn Wright)

Our family has lost our beloved mother and aunt, Jacqueline Howard, and we know Palm Villas was the safe and caring home we had hoped it would be for Jacque. Jacque had the great fortune to live to see her 90th birthday. We all hope to have a long and happy life, don’t we? What a great service you provide for individuals who must leave their family homes and are lucky enough to go to Palm Villas and be a part of your family home. Thank you for your love and care.

The Howard Family

It is approaching one year of having my beloved husband, David, reside at Palm Villas in Redwood City, California.
I am fortunate in so many ways. My family and I approached the facility and met the owners, Gary and Michael Sneper. We had a good tour of the facility and met some of the aides, who were so friendly and happy with their profession. Our questions were answered fully and kindly. The atmosphere was conducive for so many varied activities. We knew Palm Villas was the place for David.

Joyce Wilder(wife of David Wilder)