The Palm Villas Activity Pillars

Palm Villas Assisted Living communities feature unique activities centered around the 7 Pillars of Wellness aimed at managing the progression of dementia for our residents. The medical field continues its search for a cure. These 7 Pillars are:

1. Cognitive Stimulation. The Cognitive Stimulation program is designed to support and maintain memory through brain fitness exercises, such as music therapy, word/strategy games, art classes, and more.

2. Exercise. Physical Exercise has been proven to have significant positive impacts on brain functionality.

3. Social Activities. We provide a wide range of social activities, such as bingo night, cards, dance, arts and crafts, casino night, and many other events.

4. Anxiety Reduction. We have a wide range of methods to ensure your loved one lives in a stress-free environment. This includes our bird sanctuary, our array of fish and lovable Maltipoo puppies. Pets have been known to reduce anxiety, fear and depression.

5. Support Groups. Our Support Groups are designed to help families navigate through the progression of their loved one’s dementia.

6. Culinary Experience. We take great care in designing our culinary program to suit your loved one’s needs and swallowing precautions.

7. Music Therapy. Music is used in therapeutic ways to address physical, emotional and cognitive needs of our residents.

Activities Calendar (sample)

Sample Activities Calendar